Apparently those cute, but kind of vicious, bears indigenous to Australia didn’t always make their home in the land down under. Who says? Well, not the Royal Academy of Science, but the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York. One heretical Jehovah’s Witness, Mario, was concerned with an illustration depicting a Koala with Eve chewing on something other than a eucalyptus leaf. So he did what any concerned believer would do, he wrote a letter to the Society. The response:

See the full correspondence here

A brilliant deduction if I do say so myself. Life is always so much grander when we start with the conclusions and work backwards.


I’m still sorting through the mases of links I have that will be focusing this blog around, but some of these videos I comes across are just so interesting that I can’t wait. Posted below is an energetic young man excited about his faith and gives his fellow believers some thing to think about: Are you REALLY saved? As my title indicates, my favourite part was when he says “you are looking forward to [the next life] because [Jesus] is your best friend” and then immediately says “you can’t wait to meet him.” Of course, this is meeting him for the very first time… that is, your best friend… you’re best friend who you have never met.

Video clips of famous or infamous pastors saying really stupid stuff will only be one aspect of the new and improved Holy Bananas. Personally, I find responses to these clips more amusing than the clip itself.

Below is Mark Driscoll’s so-called “Tolerance Rant” – I call it “When A Wing-nut Calls Me A Wing-nut” or “How We Can Slowly Get Back To Anti-Semitism” – take your pick.

An all new Holy Bananas by Thinking Ape, coming very very soon.

You’ll enjoy it. Honest.

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